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Nolan: La la la la la la la la~ Look, I’m not built for prison time!

The ‘Get To Know The Revenge Fandom’ Post


Hello Revenge fans! As a way for our small fandom to get to know each other, here’s 10 questions for you to fill out if you wish! Just reblog with your answers :)

1. Name?

2. Other accounts? (Twitter, Youtube, etc. -optional)

3. Favorite Season and/or Episode of Revenge/Why?

4. Favorite Character?

5. Favorite Ship/Why?

6. Favorite Emily Takedown?

7. Least Favorite Character/Why?

8. Saddest Character Death?

9. Other fandoms you are a part of?

10. Other ships?

Hi, Revengers! I’m Dani (or Danielle)


My Other Accounts: There are oh, so many. Here are some:

Twitter, Instagram,

Other tumblrs: personal, multi-fandom, X-Men/McFassy, Writing (brand new)


Favorite Season: I love the first season because it was the first and it is what made me fall in love with the show. It was also a lot simplier. I feel things have gone off the deep end lately with all the craziness, it’s still good, but I miss the sharpie victim of the week. I also really liked getting to know the characters and watching their relationships develop.


Favorite Character: Let me think…. perhaps the glorious Nolan Ross!


Favorite Ship:Nemily! Nolan is the only one who knows both Amanda and Emily. Aiden wanted Emily, Jack wants Amanda, Nolan loves all of Emanda. They have the best chemistry on and off screen. I’m open to other ships for both characters, but Nolan and Emily just fit so well together.


Favorite Takedown: hmmm. That is a good question. I don’t really have a particular takedown that I love most of all. I suppose if I have to pick one, I’d say Mason. Everything about Mason’s story is perfect and I love it, from his first take down of his house being burned down to his current faked death. Though, I may be biased. Mason is my second favorite character on the show.


Least Favorite Character: I don’t really have a “least favorite character”. Aside from Nolan, I have loved AND hated every other character on the show. So at one point or another, they’ve basically all been my least favorite. Current least favorite: Daniel. I hate how Margaux goes along with him and can’t see through him. I hope she can get out before she flies too close to his orbit.

Saddest Death: SAMMY.


Other Fandoms: how long do you  have? here are a few of the major ones which I blog about on my multifandom blog (link above)

Lost, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Arrow, Flash, Torchwood, Pretty Little Liars, Star Trek, Broadchurch, Downton Abbey, and All things Marvel.

Other Ships: I assume this is regarding the last question, other fandoms. So again, here are the big ones:

Desmond/Penny (Lost), Peter/Olivia (Fringe), Neal/Emma // Rumple/Belle// Robinhood/Regina (OUAT), Doctor/Rose Tyler (Doctor Who),  Felicity/Oliver (Arrow) and Ezra/Aria (Pretty Little Liars).

I also love Frozen and Minions, because seriously how can you not?



*None of the gifs are mine.

Emily & Gabriel bts of Revenge s4, July 17 [x]

Emily & Gabriel bts of Revenge s4, July 17 [x]




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Nolan Ross, season 4 style [x]

Nolan Ross, season 4 style [x]

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